The UK slide-based Uropathology External Quality Assurance (EQA) scheme, overseas membership

We are pleased to be able to announce that the educational benefits of participating in the UK National Urology slide-based EQA scheme are now available to Pathologists based outside the UK & Ireland for the first time in the form of overseas membership. Those registering will receive a unique password and confidential participant number which will enable access to the website. This allows online access to the case histories and virtual microscope of the scanned images. Responses are submitted online in the same way as for conventional participants and there is an online help document to guide you.

This EQA scheme has been running in its current format for nearly a decade. The aim is to educate pathologists in uropathology and to monitor poor performance. There are normally 12 cases per circulation – two circulations per year. These cases are submitted by members of the scheme. The glass slides circulate around the members, who answer online. There are scanned images also available. Overseas members will have access to the scanned images only. The circulations are open for approximately 5 months. The cases for both circulations are discussed and scored at the annual meeting, which occurs in association with the British Association of Uropathologists (BAUP) meeting in November (more information on website). These scores are then used to calculate individual participant’s scores. After this overseas pathologists will be able to compare their performance against that of the group and to then print a CPD certificate. In contrast to conventional (full) scheme membership, the participant scores for overseas participants will not be monitored by the scheme Organisers for performance purposes.

The scheme is run on a not-for-profit basis and for the first trial circulation there will be no fee. This circulation includes cases submitted by Prof Epstein and Prof Humphrey, who will both be speaking at the BAUP meeting in November. For future circulations we anticipate a fee of £75 per annum and this would typically include two circulations.

For more information and registration: Or contact the scheme secretaries at:



Dr Nick Mayer & Dr Jon Oxley

Scheme Organisers

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