ENUP was founded by Lars Egevad in 2006 when working for the WHO. It had been noticed both in ISUP and at IARC/WHO that it was quite difficult to reach out to uropathologists around Europe in an efficient manner when there was a need to communicate e.g. new recommendations. The first invitations to ENUP were circulated through pathology societies, personal contacts and direct mailing to pathology departments.

The original steering group largely consisted of the board of the uropathology working group of the European Society of Pathology. The steering committee has since then been extended and members have been replaced when retiring. In the beginning members were for practical reasons recruited from west European countries and only one representative from each laboratory was invited. Now the network welcomes members from all EU countries including Norway and Switzerland. We also have a few members from countries outside the core of Europe and they are of course more than welcome to sign up and share our information! Until now we have almost exclusively communicated by group emails but from now there is also a website that will hopefully serve as an important resource for information.

Survey studies on how pathology is practiced in Europe have been conducted by questionnaires published on www.surveymonkey.com. We have covered handling and reporting of radical prostatectomy specimens, TURB specimens of the bladder, nephrectomy specimens of renal tumours and laboratory processing of prostate needle biopsies. All these studies have been published and summaries and links to the publications are available under Studies. Recently we surveyed how prostate needle biopsies are graded and reported. We have also attempted to standardize Gleason grading of prostate cancer. This has been a multistep process leading to the publication of recommendations and a consensus image library that is now available under Image libraries.

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